Laingsburg, Matjiesfontein

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Postal: Private Bag X4, Laingsburg, 6900
Physical: 2 Van Riebeeck Street, Laingsburg
Tel: 023 551 1019
Fax: 023 551 1019
Web: www.laingsburg.gov.za

Prins Albert

Prince Albert Municipality includes the towns of Klaarstroom, Prince Albert, Prince Albert Road and Leeu Gamka. 


Anneleen Vorster
Bestuurder: Korporatief en Gemeenskapsdienste / Manager: Corporate and Community Services
Prince Albert Munisipaliteit / Prince Albert Municipality
Kerkstraat 33 Church Street
Privaatsak X53 / Private Bag X53

Tel 023 5411320
Sel / Cell: 0603225060

Good to know

There are no fees charged for filming, but we would welcome the support of our local NGO's that provide support services to our community.  This is optional however.The lead time required would be at least ten days to allow us to close streets, but in an emergency we can shorten the lead time. Please be advised that we cannot provide permission for use of private property - that will have to be negotiated with the relevant owners.The by-laws applicable will only be the normal nuisance by-law (and we can give prior notice of a temporary loud noise / blocking of streets, etc).  The environment must be protected as well as the human occupants.  The area must be restored to its prior conditions after use by the film crew.Please note that the Municipality requires to be indemnified against any and all claims that may result of any permission granted for filming.That being said, you will find Prince Albert Municipality and community very accommodating as we are proud of our towns and communities.We look forward to seeing some film crews in our towns.

Beaufort West


Beaufort West, Merweville, Murraysburg, Nelspoort

Contact Details

Postal: Private Bag X582, Beaufort West, 6970
Physical: 112 Donkin Street, Beaufort West
Tel: 023 414 8020
Fax: 023 415 1373
Web: www.beaufortwestmun.co.za