Ashton, Bonnievale, McGregor, Montagu, Robertson

Dave van Schalkwyk
Manager Social Development
Langeberg Municipality

+27828960629 (Mobile)

Langeberg Municipality

Commando Building

Church Street


Good to know

At this stage we have no tariffs in place. In the past big productions have made a donation to a school or community organization depending where the filming takes place

All we would require is one complete application with all relevant information, approvals, site plans, road closures, etc. etc. etc. submitted at least 4 to 6 weeks before the shoot. (Shorter lead times will be considered if motivated and depending on requirements)

We have an events evaluation team which would meet to consider the application

We will then respond in writing as to the approval with conditions or rejection if applicable

Please note that because of constraints on our e-mails I would probably not receive your application because of the size, so it will need to hand delivered.