National Department

This department manages certain properties which fall under the National Department of Public works, as opposed to the Provincial Department of Public Works.

Cindy Green

Property Management Trading Entity (PMTE)

National Department of Public Works

Cape Town Regional Office

Customs House, Heerengracht, Street, Foreshore



Tel: 0214022055

Fax: 086 5170567

Alternate contact:

Good to know

Most popular locations under your control?

Customs House Dome and Deck (parking) and occasionally Nieuwemeester parking facility (Roeland and Commercial Street)



Current Rates are R5920-00 per day or part thereof

Application form?

No standard application, we require letter of request to include dates and times as well as a Registration certificate for the company


Preferably 3 weeks ahead of time if possible


Shoots preferably on a weekend but weekday may be considered depending on specific shoot, there are a few other rules that are included in our approval letter which will be issued once a shoot is approved.