Rustenberg Wines has been hosting shoots from smaller catalogue stills to large international features since the 1980s. We are an historic estate with many different areas on offer, from natural fields, meadows, scenic hilltops, viewpoints, forests, and dams, to historic buildings (exteriors), formal manor house gardens and vineyards. As a family-owned and run estate, we are very hands on and are willing to work with everyone involved to ensure a successful shoot for all.

Tammy Barlow

Contact email:

Contact landline:

021 809 1200

Cell number:

072 431 3430

Good to know


  • Different Rates apply for Social Media, Stills, Commercials and Film/TV Series shoots. Please email for current rates.

  • Litter deposit payable upfront and refunded once location is inspected.

  • Other special rates may apply depending on the shoot.

  • ·  Timeframes:

  • Office hours: 7:30am - 5:30pm, Monday - Friday

  • Recces on weekdays only. Scouting on weekends permitted but must be pre-arranged.

  • Access on shoot days permitted from 4am until 10pm. Night shooting permitted on request, and an additional fee may apply.

  • ·   Application process:

  • Email through dates and as much information regarding the shoot as possible. A pencil option will be given and updated regularly (if applicable).

  • Payment is required before shooting begins. A shoot contract is preferred and can be supplied, but Rustenberg's indemnities and terms also accompany the fees schedule.

  • Do’s and don’t’s:

  • Do - check with us for any special requests - we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

  • Don't - damage the property or buildings or disrupt the farming activities (insofar as is possible and discussed).

  • Do - make sure to remove all litter and equipment and leave the location neat and tidy.

  • Don't - have any open fires (except if pre-arranged and safety measures discussed).

  • Do - make sure to have a designated smoking area and sufficient disposal for butts.

  • ·  Other useful info:

  • We have our own water sources on the estate and are able to irrigate certain specific areas upon request.

  • We have our own cattle on the estate which can be moved around as desired, but we do allow other animals of all species with shoots, subject to vet's certificate and a qualified animal handler being present.

  • The estate is just short of 900 Hectares in size so there is a lot of space for multiple shoots to take place on the same day and we reserve the right to do so. We will ensure that no shoots interfere with others and no areas overlap, but require specific areas of the farm to ensure to pencil those off. A pencil with the location to be confirmed may result in some areas not being available later on.

  • No interior shooting is permitted inside the historic buildings, but there are farm sheds and other buildings that are available.