Filming in Small Harbours

Currently the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries manage the 12 small harbours located on our coastline. In order to obtain permission to film at a small harbour you must make direct contact with the relevant harbour master. The application will then be sent to DAFF for consideration. The application process takes 2 weeks for large shoots and 48 hrs for micro shoots. Approval will greatly depend of how your shoot is going to impact other harbour users.

Harbour Master Contact Details:


Lamberts Bay

Mr Gunya 0733989977



St Helena Bay


Mr Kwinda    0726788619


Hout Bay

Ms.  Feni-Gela 0788480408


Kalk Bay

Gordons Bay

Mr Ebrahim 0740778501




Ms Simon 0946275144





Ms Mapholi 0817906721


Good to know

1. The applicant  must complete an application form that is available at the office of the harbour master or obtainable from

2. The applicant must together with the application form also provide proof of sufficient insurance to cover any damage that may occur to harbour infrastructure during filming.

3. The applicant must also complete an idemnity form to excempt the Department and its officials from accountability in the event of injuries or death sustained during the filming process.


Once 1-3 have been received by the applicable harbourmaster he/she will make a recommendation to management on the application. Management will then make the final decision.


The key issue that we will take into consideration in deciding on an application is whether the activties of the film crew will impact on the normal operations in the harbours as we cannot allow that the commercial activities of the fishing industry in the harbours is compromised.


Once a decision is made the applicant will be informed and if the application was successful and the appicant wants to proceed a fee (currently approximately R3 000.00 per shoot) is payable.