Applications to film on Provincial Roads must be submitted 7 days prior to filming via email to Mr. Lombard's  office.

Before any film shoot takes place an application for a permit must be submitted to the Department and the applicable permit fees must be paid before the permit is issued

Mr. J Lombard

Administrator: Legislation & Permits

Directorate: Transport Administration and Licensing Transport and Public Works WESTERN CAPE GOVERNMENT


Address: 9 Dorp Street, Cape Town 8001; Private Bag X9185, Cape Town 8000

Tel: +27 21 483 4177

Fax: +27 21 483 2357


Ms A Abdurahman(021) 483 2406

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Policies and contact people change all the time, this is just a guide and although we will try to keep it as updated as possible we are not going to take responsibility if any information is incorrect.

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